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Serving the nation with a sense of patriotism, an openness to sacrifice, without concern for oneself is not an easy task. As a naval officer, you spend months away from your family, spend days and months in the open seas, and are continually putting your country before anything else. It's a career path that teaches you duty and commitment, and if you possess an adventurous soul, enjoy the expansive blue water and put your country above everything else, then this is the right career path for you. 

Eligibility Criteria and Higher Studies 

Aspiring candidates must hold at least a degree in Electrical/ Marine/ engineering. 

Curriculum and Core Subjects 

Some of the core subjects in Electrical Engineering are: 

  • AC/ DC Theories 
  • Motor/ Generator Designs 
  • AC/DC Machinery
  • Circuits and Analysis 
  • Electronics
  • Communications 
  • Analog/ Digital Circuits 

Some of the subjects studied in Marine Engineering are: 

  • Electronics 
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Ship Construction 
  • Commercial Geography 
  • Naval Architecture 
  • Engineering Drawing 

Careers Related to the Field

Some of the careers related to the field are:

  • Ocean Engineering
  • Marine Biology
  • Marine Mammal Trainer
  • Marine Archeology
  • Marine Researcher 
  • Marine Environment Educator/ Oceanography 


In India, the average salary that a navy officer can earn ranges from Rs. 8 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh per annum. 

Top Universities 

Some of the top universities in India are:

  • Indian Maritime University (IMU), Chennai
  • Vels Academy of Maritime Studies, Chennai
  • Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI), Pune 
  • Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education & Training (MANET), Loni Kalbhor
  • International Maritime Institute (IMI), Noida


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