Become A Construction Manager: A Career Of Exciting Opportunities In Building Skylines...Let?s Find Out!

Construction manager career guidance

Are you an enthusiast when it comes to building something ground-up? Do you like to work in teams and organizing people and resources to complete tasks?

Can you give your best under pressure?

Does dealing with complex situations and finding solutions excite you?

If you have answered all of the questions as yes, then a career in construction management is a possible avenue for you.

What is Construction Management all about?

A construction manager is responsible for planning and executing the entire construction project for a house, building or a facility or a structure. A facility can include, factories, malls, hospitals or hotels. A structure may include, an airport, a dam, a recreational center, a recreational center, or a theme park.

What responsibilities does a construction manager have?

A construction manager:

  • Gathers understanding about the project from its builders/proprietors
  • Surveys and studies the land of the surroundings, land quality, legal documents, government regulations to be followed considering the location
  • Prepare cost estimates, budgets, and projections
  • Plans the workflow and requirements of resources like capital, labor, machinery, suppliers, etc.
  • Use best in industry application and software to track the project progress
  • Monitor closely all the phases of the project construction to ensure quality and adherence to compliance guidelines.
  • Ensure the safety of workers and property in the facility Collaborate with architects, engineers, and construction specialists like electricians, labor contractors, furnishing experts, etc.
  • Be vigilant to avoid and manage disasters, mitigate risk due to delays in planned timelines, etc.
  • Ensure there are no illegal or non-compliant activities happening in the project.

How should one become a construction manager?

One must have a minimum of a bachelor?s degree in construction science, construction management, architecture, or engineering. Moving further above the hierarchy is possible if there is a Master?s degree in any of the above streams or general management.

Few things one must be aware of when you are choosing a career in Construction Management:

  • You may be exposed to hazardous work conditions in semi-completed crude constructions
  • You may be subject to handling labor disputes
  • Your project completion depends on a number of factors that are unpredictable

The best features of this career avenue:

You will get exciting opportunities to build unique infrastructures You can be creative and experiment state of the art infrastructure You will experience arts, science, creativity, mathematics, management and much more!


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