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Become A Content Head In the Future: Let Your Creative Side Explode ? and Be The Boss Of Your Field!

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Content Head

Like a frame without a picture, a vase without flowers, or a plate without food, a publication without content is both worthless and empty. As the Head of Content, it?s your job to fill vacant pages with purpose.

Content heads oversee the creation and marketing of high-quality content. Their role is to lead the entire content vertical and manage all content activities which include strategy, creation, editing, marketing and optimization for distribution via search and social and closing partnerships to increase outreach.

Education qualification

The Head of Content management must possess a Bachelor?s degree (Master?s preferred) in Marketing, Communications, Journalism, Business Administration, English, Public Relations, International Relations, Information Technology, Law, Psychology, or any other related field. A working experience of the equivalent is also acceptable.

Duties as a content head

Your daily duties as a Head of Content include creating an editorial mission, vision, and voice, and developing and implementing editorial strategies. You also align editorial and business goals, while supervising staff and budgets. In addition, you generate editorial ideas and concepts, and oversee the planning and production. And on top of all that, you develop new business opportunities that allow you to monetize, expand, and promote your content.

Where do content heads work?

Sometimes known as a Director of Content, you?re version 2.0 of an Editor-in-Chief. Employed by Publishers wanting to entertain readers, corporations wanting to engage customers, nonprofits wanting to interact with donors, and governments wanting to inform citizens, you?re in charge of populating media with messaging.

Work culture

The role of the Head of Content revolves around oversight of the activities of the content department, topic generation, as well as working with closely with the content team in the creation of excellent day to day experiences for the consumers and other audiences through the content.

The Head of Content is the direct supervisor of the Content Editor, Senior Content Editor, Content Marketer, and Senior Content Marketer. The Head of Content is also very much in tune with technology, technological advancements, and current affairs and ensures that the whole content department is up to date for production of relevant and relatable content.

Interpersonal Skills

The interpersonal skills that a candidate for this position must possess are; exceptional collaboration skills, having time consciousness and being able to finalize projects within given time-frames, exceptional organization and multitasking skills, having an ability to prioritize tasks, being commercially driven with a desire to increase the consumer base through great content output.

People Skills

The position being highly interactive, demands that the Head of Content be a highly relatable individual with the ability to engage easily with people and build strong and long lasting relationships especially with key individuals such as media personnel, senior executives and stakeholders, research partners, and the consumers.

Traditionally, businesses have executives in charge of finances, human resources, operations, sales, marketing, and technology. Today, they also need someone who?s in charge of information-and that person is you!


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