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Become A Photographer: Get Your Photography Skills Out!

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Become A Photographer

Photographers are artists, who use their technical skills, creativity and expertise to create and impactfully tell a story. It is the mode of communication that surpasses all barriers of language, religion, region and culture. They serve as timeless memories, immortalised forever in a carbon film.

Photographs use their skill and assess composition levels in their camera to click pictures of people, places and events, whether it?s for the purpose of creating memories for a wedding or even clicking photographs for the purpose of dissemination of news. They need a good eye to be able to use colours, shadows, shades, light and distance to compose good photographs.

Some of the most iconic photographs have proven to be symbols of world events. The famous photographer Dorothea Lange clicked a photograph of a mother staring into the future, while caressing her three children. This photograph changed the way the world all over looked at the Great Depression of the 1930?s and this photograph has now become a symbol for that period.

However, these photographers have a responsibility to portray the truth to all viewers. It was famously quoted that ?still photographs? clicked by a photographer as opposed to a video created by a cameraman is the most powerful weapon in the world. Through one image, they are able to control the narrative surrounding the event. Therefore, there is a burden placed on photographers to be careful with the way that they click photographs.

It is because of this burden that the ?Lensational? organisation has been formed. It shifts the responsibility from the photographer to the subject to portray the truth of an event. It was founded by Bonnie Chu in 2013 and aims to train marginalised women to share their experience through photography. It currently operate sin over 15 countries and has successfully enabled women to tell stories while also uplifting their economic condition. The organisation sets up photography workshops with the help of local organisations and donates cameras to women in order to teach them how to best use the equipment. Once, they have learnt the trick of the trade, with the help of social media and exhibitions, the organisation puts up the photos clicked by these women for sale. A majority of the sales are given to these women, while a portion of it is set aside for operating the enterprise and advocating the issues these women face.


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