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Become A Sports Coach: Good Coach Changes A Game, A Great Coach Can Change A Life...Find Out!

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The role of a mentor is respected world-wide. Whatever it may be the field, the coach is enormously responsible for shaping up the life of the students.

They give directions to raw skills and talents.

In India, sports men are treated like gods and glittery stars.

In fact, they themselves want to be worshiped.

For this they are highly dependant on their tutors and coaches to stay in form and perform well

Educational qualification

Qualification wise it is absolutely not a challenge to become a sports coach. You can simply be a 12th pass having Physical Education as one of your majors. You can study sports as a subject in some of the selected institutes and universities of India and abroad if you wish to be a coach with a thorough knowledge of sports.

There are no obligations with formal education in sports coaching. One can be a senior or former player in any particular sport to pursue a career as sports coach.

There are however some institutes offering you a diploma in sports coaching which expects you to have completed your graduation preferably in a sports subject.

Work experience

A very successful goal oriented sports coach can land up working with national and international clubs, schools and other academics. Start the career as a volunteer coach and shift to being an assistant coach till you finally reach the position of a head coach. It is highly possible for a well accomplished coach to open his new academy for sports coaching. And if the sport happens to be a well-known sport like cricket, tennis, badminton or soccer, they can manage aid from various government, state or even corporate houses.

Skill sets needed

  • Good communication skills to morally boost participants.
  • Expert at playing any particular sportsman.
  • Good analytical skills, solution giver, patience and non submitting spirit.
  • Great organizational skills, and supportive in nature.
  • Great physical stamina and techniques for it
  • Leadership qualities with endearing attitude

Institutes for sports coaching

Name of Institute Courses offered
Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports, Montibagh, Patiala Punjab Diploma in Sports Coaching
National Sports East Centre, Salt Lake City, Sector-III, Calcutta, West Bengal Diploma in Sports Coaching
National Sports West Centre, Sports Complex. Sector-15, Gandhinagar, Gujarat Diploma in Sports Coaching
Tripura University B.Phy Ed.
Punjab University B.Phy Ed
Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences Graduate Course by Sports Authority of India (SAI) - B.Sc.(Health and Phy.Ed. & Sports
University of Delhi PG Course(Sports) - M.Phy.Ed
SAI National Sports Diploma Courses in Sports Coaching
Bangalore University PG Course in Sports (M.Phy.Ed.)
Gulbarga University PG Course in Sports (M.Phy.Ed.)

Role of a sports coach

The role of a sports coach is to create the right conditions for learning to happen and to find ways of motivating athletes. most athletes are highly motivated and therefore the task is to maintain that motivation and to generate excitement and enthusiasm.

Do you have an inborn passion for sports and a true sense of managements?

If your answer is yes, then a sport coaching is a hot career opportunity for you.

Sports coaching is an exciting and healthy pastime game to many, but if the sport is really one?s passion it can be a very rewarding and satisfying career too. It was traditionally considered as a hobby especially in India but now it is taken as a serious career option.


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