Become An Army Officer: Contribute Your Courage For Our Country!

Army Officer Career

The most respected profession in the world? It's got everything going for it - adventure, bravery, strength, technology, personal growth and a cushy lifestyle. You can have all this and more and in return the army will ask you for just one thing: willingness to die for your country. Are you up to it?

The main function of the Indian Army is to defend and protect the country against all external and internal threats. The army is also called in to help civilians during natural calamities and maintain law and order.

There are two types of commissions in the Army

Permanent commission - where you have to serve the Indian Army for a minimum of 20 years.

Short service commission - where you have to serve for a minimum of 5 years. This can then be extended to permanent commission.

The army has two main divisions:

1. Combat: This is where the action is. You actually use arms for destruction. There are various classifications in Combat. You can also volunteer to be a commando in the Special Forces.

2. Artillery: You'll be responsible for guns with a range up to 30 kilometres. You'll also handle surface-to-surface missiles in the artillery.

Now for the divisions in the Non-Combat group

Engineers: Your work will vary from building bridges to clearing minefields, blowing up dams and powerhouses.

Signals: Here you'll be in charge of communications, develop methods to ensure secrecy and break enemy communication codes.

Intelligence Corps: You'll be involved in the collection, analysis and interpretation of information like movement of troops, preparations etc. about the enemy.

Education Corps: You will be teaching subjects from English language to new techniques of warfare and devise courses on subjects such as computers, communication, etc.

Judge Advocate General or Law Cadre: As a lawyer or a judge in the JAG, you will be responsible for strictly enforcing the laws. You will also handle civilian cases brought against the army.

Veterinary Corps: Yes, animals too contribute to the defence of this country. Your job will include training mules, donkeys, dogs, camels and ensuring their wellbeing.

Army Supply Corps and Ordinance Corps: You will be responsible for delivering weapons, ammunition, clothing and medical supplies.

Army Medical Corps: You will be a doctor like no other. Your operation theatre will be a small tent lit with a kerosene lamp on a mountaintop With increasing casualties you got to be in line with the latest in medical treatment.

Army Nursing Corps: You will be working as nurse in army hospitals and in the war field. Only women are eligible.

Army Dental Corps: You will be working as dentists in army dental hospitals.

You enter the army as a Lieutenant and this will be your career graph:

  • 5 years ? Captain
  • 11 years ? Major
  • 16 + years - Lt. Colonel
  • 20 years ? Colonel
  • 23 years ? Brigadier
  • 25 years - Major General
  • 28 years - Lieutenant General
  • 28+ years ? General

Career Prospects

A soldier's profession is one of the oldest professions in the world and the demand is only on the upside. Ours is the second largest army in the world and still there is a shortage of officers. Women are welcome but not in combat arms.

Ex-army officers get good positions in the security or personnel departments of various companies, defence research, detective services and also at top management levels.


You must be an Indian citizen (citizens of Bhutan, Nepal, Tibetan refugees or migrants from the rest of the Indian subcontinent with the intention of settling permanently in India can also apply) You must be physically fit. The minimum acceptable height is 157.5 cm. For Gurkhas and residents of North-Eastern India, Garhwal and Kumaon, the minimum acceptable height is 5 cm lower than the standard, and for candidates from Lakshadweep, the minimum height is lowered by 2 cm.

Candidates must be able to read 6/6 in a distant vision chart with each eye, with or without glasses.

There is a separate screening process for women planning to join the Indian Army.

You need to be computer literate as IT is used in Information Warfare (IW).

University Entrance Scheme: This is the army's version of a campus interview. Final and pre-final year engineering students in the age group of 18-24 years can appear for a basic interview. The short-listed candidates are then called for the comprehensive SSB interview and medical examination.

Selection to this career in the Indian Army is on the basis of a written test which is objective in nature followed by a Service Selection Board (SSB) interview and a medical examination. The army is an organisation where you are continuously learning. There were numerous courses like the Junior Commanders Course, Senior Commanders Course, etc., which are interspersed with postings to various places. What is the best thing about the army? The organisation itself. I feel proud to be part of an organisation, which is considered the country?s brightest ornament. The Indian Army is in fact renowned throughout the world for its devotion to duty and unparalleled bravery. Then there is the camaraderie. I may have retired from the army but I?m not out of it! What is your advice to youngsters? The army is not just about smart uniforms and endless parties. Get to know the army and its way of life before deciding to join. This career involves a lot of hardships. But it is definitely worth it!


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