Become An Athlete: Aspire to Reach Great Heights In Sports? Find Out How!

Athlete career path

Who Are Athlete?

Athletes are competitors in the domain of sports who participate in organised and officiated events for the purpose of entertaining spectators. The events in which athletes compete are numerous and can range from individual sports such as swimming, tennis, golf and skiing to team sports such as basketball, cricket, hockey and football.

Even though being an athlete does not necessitate the need for formal education, it demands a high level of discipline and knowledge qua the sport being played. Apart from sheer skill, the athlete must be able to optimise his skill in the best possible manner. In team sports, the athlete must have a good understanding of the game and must be able to gauge and apprehend the movements of his team as well as the opposing players. It demands a great level of instinct and goes beyond just the physical abilities. It is for this reason that athletes spend several hours training for those few minutes where they have to perform. This preparation includes fitness, endurance as well as watching videotapes to critique their own performances and techniques and to learn their opponents' tendencies and weaknesses so as to gain a competitive advantage. More often than not, athletes do not need a particular degree or license to be able to play the sport that they do. However, they are still bound by the rules and regulations of the game. The governing body that is in charge of regulating the sporting events has the power to suspend athletes or even debar them for life if such athletes are found to be in non-compliance of the rules of the game or if they are found to be indulging in any illegal or inappropriate activity including doping, match fixing etc.

Today athletes have taken on a higher level of responsibility in that they have now become representatives of the country they are competing for. Sporting events have been kicked up a notch and have transformed into an international event. In light of this, a greater onus has been placed on these athletes to make sure that his team is represented well and he does not damage the reputation of the team or the country in any way. They are bestowed with the duty of ensuring fair play and good competition so as to facilitate bringing together nations in the healthy spirit of sportsmanship.


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