Career As A Fibre Optic Technician: Feels Like Life Out of Sci ? Fi Film?Find Out!

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Fiber optics is said to be revolutionizing communications much as the telephone did 100 years ago. If you want to be on the cutting edge of technology, this is a good place to be.

Read on to know how.

A fiber optic technician is a professional who works in the telecommunication industry. The main duty of the technician is to install and repair fiber optic cables, a technology the uses threads and glass as a means of transmitting data. These cables have the capacity to carry more data when compared to metal cables


While some opportunities exist for those with a high school diploma to learn this trade in an apprenticeship program or in the military, for those choose not to take this route, other paths exist. The most efficient way to enter this job field is a professional technical preparation course that focuses on getting students ready to attain the certifications required of all fiber optics technicians.

Personal skills:

Technical, trouble-shooting and mechanical skills; knowledge of computers and electronics; ability to use a variety of tools, such as signal generators, stripping tools and trenching machines; may require use of some spreadsheet software programs

Physical strength and stamina, color vision, commercial driver's license

Core subjects:

Certificate programs in broadband cable and technology can be completed relatively quickly. A typical program consists of around 25 credit hours, less than half of the requirement for an associates degree. These courses include practical demonstrations of necessary skills such as testing and maintenance of cables, introductions to standard principles of communications, and other technical skills required for successful installation of communications equipment.

The certifications earned from these programs include the following:

  • Certified Fiber Optics Technician (FOT)
  • Certified Fiber Optics Designer (FOD)
  • Data Cabling Installer Certification (DCIC)
  • Certified Military Fiber Optics Installation Professional (MFOI)

Job Prospects:

Right now there is a shortage of fiber-optic technicians and the job outlook is excellent for the next five years or so. Jobs are primarily in electronics and telecommunications today, but many manufacturing firms are converting to laser-driven systems, so the job market will expand in the years ahead. The opportunities for fiber-optic technology in medicine, aviation, and other forms of transportation have only been hinted at.

Top Colleges

Nest university

Amet university

Light brigade university

The largest telecommunications companies are currently in a state of aggressive expansion of fiber optic networks. Telecom giants such as AT&T and Comcast are in the midst of a virtual bonanza in their regional competitions while Google Fiber seeks to transform economically troubled areas into fully-connected "gig cities" to attract technical professionals and services. The possibilities are intriguing, but this translates to a once in a lifetime financial opportunity for those with the most qualified personnel.


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