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Chase your passion for creepy creatures, become a herpetologist

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 become a herpetologist

Do you have an unusual passion for creepy creatures like snakes and frogs? If yes, a career in herpetology can be an interesting option you could explore.

What do herpetologist do?

A herpetologist is a zoologist who studies reptiles and amphibians such as frogs and salamanders. Many herpetologists focus on conservation of these species.

How to become a herpetologist?

To become a herpetologist, you would get a bachelor's degree in a life science, such as biology or zoology. From there, you would want to take courses or gain experience to expand your knowledge of amphibians and reptiles and specialize in this particular area of zoology.

Subjects studied by herpetologist

Biology courses for aspiring herpetologists generally include introductory biology, anatomy, physiology, ecology, herpetology, and other coursework. Students must also take courses in chemistry, calculus, physics, and computer science.

Required Skills

Generally, herpetologists must be physically fit, have an ability to work independently or as part of a group, possess excellent critical thinking and decision making skills, be detail oriented, have strong observation skills and communicate effectively.

Top colleges

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun,

University of Delhi, DelhiNorth,

Orissa University, Baripada,

Madras Crocodile Bank Trust, Chennai

Final thoughts

This field is still in its nascent stage in India and there are a number of areas and groups of amphibians and reptiles which have yet not been studied properly. Information about the natural history of several species is lacking. This information is essential for the conservation of the species and consequently the conservation of the habitats they live in. Thus, intensive surveys and serious studies on such species are essential. No wonder then, there is tremendous scope for those wanting to pursue herpetology in India.


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