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Choosing a Career in Playback Singing! Find Out What it Takes To Be One!

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Career in Playback Singing

Singing is an art and if you feel your inner calling is to be a singer, then make sure you make the preparations in advance. Starting at a young age in your teens will give you the additional advantage. To be a Playback singer in India not very easy as there is a lot of competition between a lot of people. But Still, Here are some tips and ways to help you in becoming a playback singer.

Write down whether you can sing, what type of songs are you most able to sing well, whether classical, disco, western e.t.c. Know your genre well. Knowing what you can do and improving it brings about a lot of chances. Attend singing workshops or join a singing academy where they will teach you the basics. They will hone your voice and skills.

If you are are not whether you can sing well or not, then take opinions from people whom you trust e.g your parents, siblings, close and best friends etc. Sing in front of them or record a video of you singing. Dont be shy to sing in front of them. Taking feedback is very important. Or try uploading your singing videos on Youtube to get the responses from people. People like Justin Beiber have become famous through Youtube only.

If you are not so good at it, then try working harder and keep practicing. Practice leads to the best result, if you keep practicing, your abilities to sing keep improving. if you can, try doing some audition of some reality singing shows like, "Indian Idol", "Sa Re Ga Ma Pa", etc. in the end , Confidence is the key and a desire to leave a mark in the hearts of your listeners. Create your own unique voice, dont try to imitate any singer. Today there are many opportunities online platforms to showcase your talent. Use them. Be Original and versatile and opportunities will come flooding your way.


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