Construction Cost Estimators: Estimating Liabilities on Construction Projects!

Construction Cost Estimators

Construction cost estimators work for businesses that are responsible for the construction of structures or buildings. They may be responsible for the estimation of costs for the whole of the construction project or for only a certain aspect or branch of it. With the increase in population on a global scale and the subsequent need to better utilize the limited land resources present in order to house a large number of individuals at a time. Hence, there is a rapid increase in the demand for construction of different structures, be it housing or any other amenities for the growing population making the job growth outlook is faster than average for these positions. Cost estimators determine how much money the company will require in order to complete a specific construction project. In the case of a smaller project, a singular cost estimator will analyse the cost of the entire project themselves while in the case of larger projects, where it would not be practical for the cost estimator to take up and analyze the whole thing on their own, multiple cost estimators are hired and each will be in charge of estimations in their specific designated departments like Electrical, Civil, Mechanical and so on. A cost estimator may have to visit the construction site, but mainly works in an office and uses a computer to put together their report.

The primary educational requirement in this profession is an associate?s degree, but the Bachelor?s Degree in Construction Management is generally preferred predominantly by all employers. This course will provide the student courses which teach them how to ascertain the cost of a particular construction project. Students may be instructed in the role of cost estimating in the organizing and planning phases, as well as during the actual construction phase. Students also learn to take the results of the cost estimate procedure and develop a competitive bid. This programs will further have courses regarding estimate types, price databases, estimating computer applications and in managerial accounting, This profession requires an interest and a fair understanding or how real estate and construction projects function and the student must work towards their logical reasoning skills.


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