Entrepreneur Abir Rajkhowa?s Inspiring Career in Music

Abir Rajkhowa

If you wish to pursue a career in music, this is the article for you.

As Victor Hugo once said, ?Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.? You can turn your passion for speaking through music into a career with some dedication, thought and unwavering commitment. If you can?t help but speak through music, consider making it your career. Music is the one language that binds people from all walks of life. It?s a language that each one of us understands and appreciates. For some, however, it?s more than just an expression.

India is a country where medical and engineering careers are the way of life. It is not easy for anyone to pursue a career in any other field. The situation becomes graver if it is a creative field we are talking about. From limited exposure and opportunities to earning the consent of your parents, there are a lot of challenges that you have got to deal with. However, if you are actually talented and have got it in you, there is nothing that can stop you from becoming the rock star that you have always wanted to become. Music is an exciting field and you can dodge the 9 to 5 job for the love of music. The music industry is growing at great pace and candidates have an array of opportunities to make a successful and lucrative career in India.

To become a musician, one should have a genuine passion for music, a musical sense, versatility, creative ability and also stage confidence. Having an inborn talent to sing is a wonderful gift but making a career out of this talent demands regular devoted practice. Joining an institution and getting trained is one of the first steps towards making a career in music but the main emphasis should be real dedication and commitment. At the same time, one needs to have contacts with the right people and of course funds for training. Like every other profession in the world, there are several sectors and branches of music.

Music is divided across some generic genres such a classical, hip-hop, rock, blues, jazz, metal, etc. All of these genres include several artisans who build up the complete sound that is derived from the respective genre. A lot of musicians also become music instructors and teachers based on their expertise and command which also becomes a way of income.

Fields of music:

? As the music field is very vast, one can choose an option to make their career in it. Some of the alternatives are given below:

? Composition

? Contemporary Writing and Production

? Electronic Production and Design

? Film Scoring

? Jazz Composition

? Music Business/Management

? Music Education

? Music Production and Engineering

? Music Therapy

? Performance

? Professional Music

? Song writing

Famous music schools in India:

? Bhatkhande Music Institute (BMI), New Delhi

? Indira Kala Sangeet University (IKSU), Chhattisgarh

? Rabindra Bharti University (RBU), Kolkata

? Prayag Sangeet Samiti (PSS), Allahabad

? Raja Mansingh Tomar Music & Arts University (RMTMAU), Gwalior

? Visva-Bharati University (VBU), West Bengal

Top Institutions in India which offer music courses:

? Tamil Nadu Government Music College, Chennai

? Government College of Music & Dance, Hyderabad

? Government Madhav Music College, Gwalior

? Government Music College, Indore

? Government Saradha Sangeetha Kalasala, Kurnool

? Government School of Music & Dance, Guntur

bir?s journey in the music industry

Abir Rajkhowa is an engineer turned musical instrument manufacturer. After returning from Europe, Abir followed the path of many young Indians returning from abroad by getting a good job and trying to settle into a professional life. Abir co-founded ?Kadence Entertainment Technology? in 2015 with his friend Siddhartha with an aim to provide quality instruments at a reasonable cost.

He believes the creative space in India is undergoing a sort of a transformation right now. Finally, people accept becoming a musician or a filmmaker as a viable alternative to more ?traditional? professions like engineering or medicine. Kadence is here to help those musicians pursue their passion by making sure they can access the instruments, recording equipment and social support without having to go bankrupt. Abir stresses on how, ?should have, would have, could have? moments should not define an entrepreneur. When you make a decision, you learn what you can from it, evolve and apply that knowledge the next time.

While in any kind of business, the customer experience is crucial as it dictates the brand loyalty, listening to feedback is also a must for continuous improvement. The quality and cost of the product has to be consistent. Do your thorough research and build your contacts.

Abir finds inspiration in the road less travelled, to hear about people?s struggles, see their wins and losses and the difficult journey they?ve taken to achieve their goals. Success comes down to how much of yourself are you ready to give to see your vision through - who knows, one day you may change the world!


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