Pursue Your Career As A Geographer: Fascinated With World Maps? Become A Geographer!

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Geography is a focus within the curriculum for understanding and resolving issues about the environment and sustainable development. It is also an important link between the natural and social sciences. As pupils study geography, they encounter different societies and cultures.

Geographers study the earth, its land and systems, and its animal and human inhabitants. While this may sound quite broad, geography itself is a very broad field, encompassing both the natural and social sciences. Geography is generally divided into two subfields - physical and human. Physical geographers study the physical aspects of the surface of the planet, such as landforms, glaciers, atmospheric and hydrological phenomena, and natural hazards, and how they influence populations. Human geographers study human cultures and their political and economic characteristics. Physical and human geographers may work together to study humanity's interactions with the environment.

Eligibility Criteria for Geography Courses:

Educational Qualification: The minimum qualification for taking up geography courses is 10+2 with high marks in social sciences including geography. For some degree courses in selected universities and colleges, there is an entrance test in which the aptitude of aspirants is checked for specialized study of geography. A first ?class hons.degree in geography, is generally a prerequisite for admission to a postgraduate course in geography.

Personal skills

Aspirants who want to make a career in geography in India must be creative and imaginative. It is also important to be accepting of learning from others as mentorship from established professionals will play an important role in the initial years. Students of geography need to have an analytical bent of mind, have impeccable organizational skills, communicate well, and be comfortable working in a team.

Typical careers in geography

  • Cartographer
  • Environmental consultant
  • Town planner
  • Geographical information systems officer
  • Conservation officer
  • Recycling officer
  • Landscape architect
  • Teacher/lecturer

Some of the most well-known colleges and universities in the country that offer courses in geography and related subjects are listed below.

  • University of Delhi.
  • University of Rajasthan.
  • Institute of Geo-informatics & Remote Sensing.
  • Jamia Millia University.
  • Amity University.
  • Savitribai Phule Pune University.

Many geographers do fieldwork to gather information and data. For example, geographers often make site visits to observe geographic features, such as the landscape and environment. Some geographers travel to the region they are studying, and sometimes that means working in foreign countries and remote locations.


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