Road Map To Being A Financer: A Perfect Career Field! Find Out!

Financer Career

Indian financial market is one among the oldest ones in the world and with a faster rate of growth it has also entered among the best markets emerging economies. The history of Indian capital markets dates back 200 years when it was under the rule of the East India Company.

Finance specialists manage budgets, conduct financial analysis and reporting, and provide accounting services, as well as related financial support. Specialists may have expertise in personal or corporate finance and can find jobs at banks, investment advisory firms, government agencies, universities, and other organizations. Most work hours might be spent seated at a desk.


Financiers need formal education before they can begin their careers. Besides supplying specialized knowledge and a firm grasp of standard financial terminology and techniques, this education also gives financiers the certifications and degrees they need to advance in their chosen areas of the field. For example, a financier with legal expertise will need a law degree while one who works as a financial manager may need an MBA. Specialized education requirements also exist for students who wish to become financiers in government posts.

Work experience

Before a financial professional can advance to the status of financier, they need extensive work experience. A financier's career can involve any number of job titles and positions, generally with a strong trend toward advancement and heightened responsibility. Financial professionals also perform research and publish their work, which is often an initial step in gaining a reputation for expertise in one or more specific areas of finance.

Key skills

Key skills include analytical, communication, interpersonal, and customer service skills; basic computer skills with experience using spreadsheet, database, word processing, financial planning, and accounting software programs; and strong math skills. You must also be comfortable working weekends as needed.

Career in finance

Finance industry has witnessed exponential growth in the past two decades and a number of specialized fields have appeared within the broader domain of finance. This has also led to mushrooming of a number of new career roles aimed at providing certain specialized services to individuals or institutional clients.

With experience, aspiring financiers can also earn professional accreditation. These credentials, which come from many industry associations, rely on combinations of work experience and rigorous exams to recognize financial professionals whose skills place them among the leaders in their field. Earning credentials, honorary degrees and awards are all steps that move a financial professional through the ranks and into a highly visible position. Gaining a reputation for success and trustworthiness is also a key step for financiers, who need others to trust them with their money.


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