Sitanshu Jha: Expert Advice On A Career As A Sports Consultant

Career as sport consultant

It?s 2020 and yet the proverb ?All play and no work makes Jack a dull boy? is still the most familiar one to all.
?How much did you score this semester? or ?What rank are you holding in your class? are the most common questions we?ve all been asked, haven?t we? These questions can sometimes break a child?s confidence and attitude.

However, have you ever wondered, why do our schools have extra-curricular activities included with the academic studies? Why is it necessary to do so?
It is because sports are as important part of a curriculum as any other subject in a child?s life. So, education is incomplete without having sports included. Sports are essential for the physical growth and development of a child as it enhances their social and physical needs. It also helps in developing their overall personality.

Each child is different and special in their own way. Some are extremely intelligent and are capable of doing remarkably well at examinations and scoring good marks, some are ambivert and maybe be highly creative at doing art/craft, etc., whereas some excel at playing sports and could be unbeatable.

Today, sports and games are not only considered as hobbies but taken to be good career options as well, especially in India.

A lot of you may be unsure of it, as you may think that sports are good for physical and mental health but can it really help you earn enough wealth? You may agree to it when you further read about the career advice and the guidance given by Sitanshu Jha, who is a well-known Sports Consultant.

For Sitanshu, sport is his life and his life is a sport. The meaning of sports to him is freedom and emotion. He ensures that opting for sports can offer different choices of career such as Sports Journalist, Team player, Coach, Referee/Umpire or becoming a Sports Consultant.

Sounds interesting? Yes, it is, he believes! So what is Sports Consultancy? In his words, it is a trend and a task of analyzing the industry. It is to give your client an expert and a piece of genuine advice or guidance to improve their performance. A Sports Consultant is a great friend of a coach, who provides precise and an accurate advice and knowledge about coaching, selecting a team or for planning any schedule or a routine. For any corporate company or a branding company, a Sports Consultant understands the field rightly to consult/suggest accordingly as the field is growing drastically. The current awareness about fitness and health has created a need for experts who can advise clients about their health needs and suggest a personalized fitness program taking their lifestyle, time constraints and other relevant factors into consideration.

Do you know what are the qualifications and qualities required to become a Sports Consultant?

According to the expert (Sitanshu Jha), graduation is the basic qualification that one would require to get into this field. One need not necessarily have inherited qualities but one needs to have pure passion, open-mind towards sports and requires huge knowledge in the field of sports to become a Sports Consultant. There are several well-known platforms and institutes like IISM and The Global Institute of Sports Business that offers a degree in sports management to the students.

Jha says that, ?Although this is not a 9-5 job, but a career in sports pays off really well?. So, you can totally be dependent on this and not treat this as a side option. It is totally for someone who is ready to take up a new challenge and experience every day.
He foresees the future of sports to be on the top in the coming 10 years. Therefore, he strongly believes that sports can be counted as one of the most important careers in the industry.

So, if playing sports is what your heart calls for and if this is what your passion or forte is, then what are you waiting for? You must not keep it on the sidetrack. Go for what you love doing: take up Sports Consulting, a career that keeps you fit, happy and entertained all your life and helps you earn well too.


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