Step-by-Step Guide ! How to become a Jewellery Designer?

career in jewellery designing

It often feels like jewellery design is one of the forgotten niches of the design industry. Fashion design is more glamorous, and graphic design is more prevalent. However, everybody loves jewellery. So, if you have the flair and talent to design pieces that excite and delight, the field of jewellery design is perfect for you.    

Eligibility Criteria and Higher Studies

Aspiring candidates should hold a degree in jewellery design.You can then pursue your post-graduation degree.

Curriculum and Core Subjects

Some of the subjects studied in jewellery designing course are:

  • Elements of Design
  • Design Foundation for Jewellery
  • Gemology
  • Setting of Gemstones in Jewellery
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Designing with different techniques and ideas
  • Merchandising
  • Branding

Careers Related to the Field

Some of the careers related to the field are:


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