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The 7 Different Types of Lawyers You Could Be

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To deal with legal problems, we meet a lawyer, but lawyers have specialization in their field. There are different types of lawyers. Lawyers are also known as ?Attorneys.? A lawyer deals with real-time issues of individual persons or companies, business group, or the cooperates. In India, the official term is an advocate based on an Advocate Act. A healthy relationship between the client and a lawyer is significant. Presenting their client's arguments in front of the court is one of the duties of a lawyer. A lawyer can act as a negotiator, and as a negotiator, the lawyer has the responsibility to take advantage of their client. A lawyer can act as a legal advisor, as a legal advisor, they understanding their client about the rules and regulations their rights, etc.. Lawyers in India handling different category of cases.

Following are the Types of the lawyer:

  • An intellectual property lawyer is specialized in-laws for intellectual property that means the things that we couldn?t touch. That includes copyright issues, trademark, and patent dealings. In case of a patent, issues lawyer has the technical knowledge is an advantage in the same field. Intellectual properties should come under government law or should have the registration process for the protection of intellectual properties like software or any creative contents like articles, websites, music, movies, etc

  • Family lawyer is specialized in family-based cases including divorce, custody, etc. Certain lawyers focus only on divorce cases are known as a Divorce specialist. Most of the family lawyers dealing with all the issues related to the family. They help to solve the family-based property issue. They act as a mediator in partition issues, give advises to the clients, documentation of the property, etc. In the case of adopting a family, a lawyer can contribute a major role in that for dissolving legal issues related to it.

  • Criminal lawyer are specialized in criminal cases such as starting from theft, goons issues, extended to murder, drug trafficking, etc. Criminal lawyers are working on the prosecution side on or before graduation. These lawyers are fighting for the criminals or against the criminals in Court. They should lock the loopholes in case. Should file cases on behalf of the client.

  • Mergers and acquisition lawyer Process of MNC?s is very complex and lengthy, so which are dealing with a group of associates. And also, well established in taxation law for their purchase and sales with their clients. Mergers and acquisition (M&A) lawyers deal with the buying selling or merging of companies. The buying and selling of major companies can be a long and complex process which usually involves a team of lawyers. M&A lawyers tend to be very well-versed in finance and securities laws, as well as tax law, to make sure they structure the deals, aka the purchase or sale of their client?s company, correctly.

  • Tax Lawyer usually help businesses and individuals comply with state and federal laws when filing their tax returns. However, a more significant proportion of these lawyers go to court to defend you the IRS audits you, and you face potential jail time or significant fines. Most individual tax lawyers also work in estate planning in some fashion unless they work in the tax department of a large corporation.

  • Immigration Lawyer an immigration lawyer will help with anything relating to bringing a family member, employee, or individual into the United States from another country. Most immigration lawyers? practices rely heavily on businesses since they require employment visas in order to bring employees to the United States from overseas. There are a plethora of forms to file with each government entity involved and complex laws to be followed to employ a non-citizen.

  • Personal Injury Lawyer Personal injury (PI) lawyers are the types of lawyers that deal with accidents and injuries of any nature. Personal injury lawyers get involved when you are in a car accident, and a doctor misdiagnoses an illness, you had bad side effects from a prescription drug that they didn?t warn you about, a defective product injured you, and more. This is probably the most common type of attorney in advertising on TV, park benches, bus stops, and everywhere else. Their cases can lead to huge financial settlements or judgments, usually involving insurance companies. PI lawyers work for contingency fees, meaning they only take a percentage of the money they recover for you in court, and it will cost you nothing if you lose.


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