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Knowledge with action converts adversity to prosperity, said one of the greatest teachers of this country, Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam. Maintaining this view is Hassan Ali, a 11-year-old boy from Hyderabad who teaches design to Engineering students.

Hasan Ali is a normal 11-year-old boy who goes to school and plays with his friends. But what makes him extraordinary is that, he spends his evening teaching Engineering applications, AutoCAD designing etc. He goes to school in the morning, and comes back at 3.00 pm and plays with his friend. At 5.00 pm he goes to a coaching institute where he teaches civil, mechanical and electrical engineers.

He does not charge any fee, and very smoothly is able to manage his own schools studies. He has also started an institute of his own called Skill India to educate engineering students in India where he hopes to teach over a lakh of students.

Hassan Ali?s motivation began when he noticed that most Indians learnt and obtained degrees in engineering but went abroad to do basic, meagre an odd jobs. He was inquisitive in this matter and figured out what it was that engineers in India lacked. He says that he found out that they did not possess skills of technical and communication skills. He hence started learning designing and taught the same to others. Most of his students are more than twice his age, but this does not hinder him from teaching or his students from learning. They are as proactive and passionate to learn from him as he is to teach them. They do take the lessons from him in the right spirit and sit in his class eagerly to learn from him. Currently, he teaches a batch of around 30 students who have done BTech and MTech. G Sushma, who is one of his students and has been learning from him for over a month and a half says that even though he is younger he does manage to teach quite well. She also added saying his lessons are very easy to comprehend as his skills are very good.

Hasan?s aim is to do a service to India by making engineers more employable and to ensure that they do not have to do jobs that don?t match their degrees abroad. Hasan hopes to increase his student count to over one lakh by 2020 and it can be said that this dream of his is not impossible at all.


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