11-Year-old Indian Boy Dives into Swimming Pool in USA, Saves 34-Year Old Man from Drowning!

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?Bravery is a state of mind. A healthy body helps, but the prime moving force is the mind. Therefore, we need to make the mind strong,? These words have been rightly said by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In an incident in Eagan Minnesota, USA, where a young Indian boy was awarded the life-saving awarded by the Eagan police, this quote has been rightly encapsulated.

Advaik Nandikotkur is a 9-year-old Indian boy who stays in the Minnesota Apartment Complex. A 34-year-old man was swimming in the pool with his family and friends. He was trying to do so as he did not know how to swim. He was swimming in the shallow pool when he decided to get into the deep pool to try swimming. It was then that he drowned to the bottom of the pool and did not resurface. His hands were stretched out and his mouth and eyes were wide open. On-lookers, eventually realised that the man had drowned and called out for help. None of the nine men around the pool knew swimming and couldn?t jump into the pool to save him. Raghu Nandikotkur, AdvaikNandikotkur?s father, tried to get into the pool with a floating tube and pulled the man out. Since he was too heavy, Raghu Nandikotkur? s attempts were in vain. It was then that Advaik?s mother remembered about a drill that Advaik was involved in in his swimming classes where he had to get to the bottom of the pool and pick up rings. She immediately asked Advaik to jump and try to pull the man up. Advaik expressed his doubts of being able to do so as the man was almost twice his weight. Nevertheless, he was determined to save the man and so jumped into the pool. He grabbed the man by his wrist and pulled him to the surface. As the man came closer to the surface, Advaik?s father helped to pull him up and brought him towards the end of the pool. Advaik?s uncle, Susseel Kumar Nandikotkur performed CPR on the man, and eventually he opened his eyes to everyone?s relief. The man is safe and well now.

The local police described this act of Advaik?s as extremely brave also adding that it was the first time they heard of a young 9 year old boy save an adult?s life. They have awarded him with a Life-saving award.


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