Akrit Jaswal: The Youngest Surgeon And A Great Inspiration To The Nation..Find Out!

Akrit Jaiswal - Youngest Indian Surgeon

A seven-year-old is capable of many things like doing chores around the house or the basics like learning to read. They let their imagination run wild and spend their days playing and pretending to be a cook, policeman, pilot, fighter, housewife or a doctor. Most seven-year-old children would even colour outside the lines and wonder why the sky is blue and the grass is green. Yes, at seven, you and I were also just developing our skills and abilities.

Whereas, on the other hand, surgery is one of the advanced stages of treating patients which demands experience and that experience comes with age. However, Akrit Pran Jaswal, a young child, successfully conducted a surgery just at the age of 7. Not any game but a real-life surgery! Unbelievable! Isn?t it? His surgery video went viral all over the internet. Today, he is a well-known genius in the medical industry.

In this article, you are going to meet the youngest surgeon and the world?s youngest entrepreneur who is an extraordinary child, or we can say a magician in his field who performed a miracle at a very young age that we can?t expect from children of his age group. His life and success story will completely amaze you.

Biography of Akrit Jaswal:

Akrit Pran Jaswal was born in India on April 23, 1993. He was known to be born as an indigo child as his intelligence was considered to be above average. He has an Intelligent Quotient (I.Q.) of 146, which is apparently the most noteworthy I.Q. of any kid of his age in India. Due to this, unlike children in general, Akrit Jaswal grew and experienced development faster than children of his age.

Well, it doesn't end here. If children generally start speaking at the age of one year or more, Akrit?s mother, Raksha Kumari Jaswal claimed, that he was an early starter: he skipped the toddler stage


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