Amit Thakker's Take On How Travelers Can Build A Career Apart From Blogging Or Influencing...Let?s Find Out How!

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The landscape of the travel industry has changed in India in the past few years. Gone are the days of conventional traveling. Today?s millennials seek ?experience? rather than only a ?change of atmosphere?.

The travel choices are changing rapidly, the age of religious travel or family vacations has changed. People now travel to seek solace, adventure, unconventional journeys and experiences. Patterns of accommodations are undergoing a change. Tourists no longer seek indoor amenities or fancy rooms. They are focused on exploring hills, mountains, deeper denser forests, wild ecosystems, lost cultures, etc.

The most important change is careers in travel. It is no longer restricted to travel guides or hospitality and aviation jobs, people make a living out of travel blogging and influencing people to take trips through their social media accounts.

Amit Thakker carved himself a niche in the careers of travelers. He along with his friends Mishana Khot, Varun Attal and Mihir Sahani started a venture, The Great Next.

The great next is a marketplace for a niche of adventure travelers. It is similar to any online travel aggregator but it caters only to the needs of a specific audience. This specialization helps them to specialize in the travel experience.

It was a common observation of the founding team that being travelers themselves, that this industry lacks the standardization of experience. Travel convenience, quality of stay, food, etc. all the internal services and service delivery experiences for each of them needed to be centralized on one platform where serving the customer could become easier.

Large aggregators did provide the same service, but they lacked the in-depth experience planning for adventure sports, safety measures, etc.

All the founding team members belonged to the tech background that gave them an added advantage in building the platform. Amit and his team have thus established that travel can become a career without having to be an influencer or a blogger. This inspiration can push mane travelers with a niche to create their own platforms.

According to the trends in the industry, there are several niche travel industries coming into form. For example, medical tourism, destination wedding, honeymoon, and pre-wedding travel, divorce tourism, backpacking, camping, sports tourism, shopping tourism, etc.


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