An enterprise that takes care of the Health of citizens as a personal assistant.

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Sujay Santra and IETE Alumni build a concept-driven enterprise that is India?s one-stop solution for health. iKure aims at providing affordable, accessible, and quality primary health care services to the rural population of India.

To date, iKure has treated more than 400,000 paid patients through its Rural Health clinics covering more than 3.5 million population across 6 states in India.

ikure has successfully raised funds from angel and institutional investors from India, USA & Japan for iKure. They have developed a Wireless Health Incident Monitoring System that monitors doctor?s attendance, treatment prescribed, pharmacy stock management, etc.,

Sanjay has won, NDTV Good Samaritan of the Year - 2016 at NDTV Startup Unicorn Awards Social Business Accelerator - Santa Clara University, USA.


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