Ankit Kawatra Is Literally Feeding The Nation With This NGO?Find Out How!

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The 22-year-old Ankit Kawatra realized that more people die due to starvation each year than due to AIDS! 12.9% of the global population starves each year while 40 percent of all food produced, approximately 1.3 billion tonnes, goes waste. Ankit thought that the amount of food lost or wasted every year can be mobilized to hungry and starving people.

Ankit was attending a grand wedding in Delhi; more than 35 continental foods were on the buffet of this grand affair. Curious he investigated what happens to the wasted food. At this moment he had an unpleasant realization that great food that can feed at least 10,000 people will get wasted!

Implications of waste food? Wastage of the rare oil, wastage of non-renewable fuel energy, wastage of grains, meat, herbs etc, decomposition of consumable food that if not disposed of correctly can pollute the environment! This realization changed his life forever.

Ankit quit his job, started a team of five volunteers in Delhi and launched Feeding India. They don?t just transport food from hotels, weddings, and parties, they also run mobile food refrigerators that keep the collected food in hygienic conditions.

The not-for-profit social enterprise was acquired by Zomato to give it further acceleration. Together they aim to solve the problems of hunger and food wastage in India.

Feeding India has served over 1.35 million meals to those who need it. They follow a simple model, those who are willing to donate excess food can reach out to Feeding India, the excess food is then collected from individuals, weddings, or restaurants and served to those with no access to food.


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