Arya Naturals- Bringing Authentic And Fresh Juices To The Urban Consumer?Find Out!

Arya juice supplier

The Dalvi family, residents of Mumbai, often visited their hometown, Ratnagiri in order to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and to quench their thirst for the fresh and natural kokum sharbat and pure mango drinks that are famous in the region. Because these drinks are rare in the metropolitan city, the family brought back with them several bottles of Kokam sharbat, mango pulp, gooseberry juice and amla candy for their friends and family in Mumbai. One glass of these juices will rest assured leave you refreshed and hydrated for the remainder of the day.

Soon however, the requests for these natural and fresh drinks started coming in from all across the country. Realizing the economic value that such fresh juices had in a market of preservative rich juices sold by major corporations, the Dalvi family decided to bring the taste of Konkan to the entire country. This was how Aarya Naturals was founded.

The selling factor of these juices is that it is truly fresh and authentic, so much so that it takes you back to days from your childhood where all you knew was fresh, unadulterated juice. The enterprise has reformed the lives of the rural women who make this juice. It has economically empowered them and enabled them to sustain a livelihood through the large scale sale of these products. These products are made without any preservatives or additives and embrace the natural taste of the fruit. Mango, cashew, jack fruit and kokum plantations are abundantly strewn across the town of Ratnagiri. The enterprise uses the raw materials and the traditional knowledge vested in the dwellers to create authentic and fresh products, reveled by all who consume it.

It is imperative to note that the enterprise does not seek to exploit these dwellers and extort them for their skills. On the contrary, the enterprise offers them the market price on the produce that is available and also offers a steady source of employment for several women in the community.


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