Bangalore Engineer Student Innovation: Filters Soot from 1 Crore Litres of Polluted Air in a Day

Avoid Air pollution with new technique

Climate change is real and it is coming for us all. The air around us, along with hazardous gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, is also exposed to and mixed with a considerable amount of particulate matter and soot. This causes a great threat to human health. It can lead to deadly diseases like cancer and cause problems for babies inside the mothers? womb. Not only does it cost a great deal to the physical well-being of humans, but it also has the ability to spoil crops, bring damage to historical monuments and end up as one of the largest contributors to global warming.

So, the question arises: How do we clear out all that poses a threat to public health from the air? The answer is simple: air purifiers. Now, there are already a decent amount of purifiers for filtering out carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gases so the problem only seems to remain with soot. Well, not anymore! The genius Ashik SV, a third year student of Automobile Engineering studying at Dayanand Sagar University, Bangalore has found a solution to this problem.

Inspiration Behind Creating the Device

Ashik has been passionate about the cause of air pollution for the longest time possible. He has stated that he had been trying to design a device that controls air pollution since seventh grade. He once saw his school principal struggling to start his scooter as various grey gases left from the exhaust pipe which led him to be deeply concerned about air pollution ever since. However, the major prompt or push towards the creation of this air filtration device only met with Ashiv when he first arrived at Bangalore from his hometown, Shankarnayana in Udipi. Bangalore?s air left him feeling rather unpleasant with having to face nasal irritation just by being on the streets for some time and a few breathing problems too. It didn?t take him too long to realize that the air had a massive chunk of soot in it. Hence, he set out on a mission to manufacture a cutting-edge device that filters it out of the air.

About The Device

The device goes by the name P-PAL Tree. This name has been inspired by the Peepal tree as it is a tree that produces oxygen for 24 hours. P-PAL has been patented by Ashiv SV and his company as the device is one of a kind and has taken years to reach its final destination. It took Ashiv a long time to find a mentor like Dr. Naveen BE but it definitely seems worth the wait. Under Dr. Naveen?s mentorship, Ashiv assembled a team for this task. They took around a year to present the final product. It took precisely thirty-five prototypes to perfect it.

The final, updated P-PAL Trees have gone through a total 150 hours of trial and presented outcomes with no flaws so far. The fate of these devices seem to have a secure tenure as they are set to be installed all across Bangalore with its initial set up point at Kadarenahalli Circle which is near Ashiv?s college.

The Filtration Process

An amount of one crore litres of polluted air gets filtered through this device within just a day. Here?s how:

? The air goes inside the device through an inlet fan.

? Once the air enters the device, it goes through various tubes and an operational chamber where all the particulate matter and soot is collected and are not allowed to flow further.

? All the stuck soot particles are sent to a collecting chamber in the device.

? The now filtered air comes out of the device through a filtration tube.

? After a whole of six months, the soot particles are taken out of the collection chamber and used to manufacture printer ink, paint, tyres, etc. thereby allowing no waste to accumulate.

Device Features

? The device takes up a really low power consumption of around 35 to 40 watts. That is almost the same amount that a basic ceiling fan takes up for functioning. This makes the device sustainable.

? The device functions with ease at the household voltage limit of about 230 volts.

? The experience of the trials suggests that hardly any to no servicing seems to be required for this device.


Ashik has been able to come up with and manage a different model of the P-PAL Tree with various upgrades. These upgrades are customized to suit best for industrial usage purposes. An ample of workers and labourers have to be exposed to protracted hours of heat, pollution and fatal chemicals. The primary motive behind this upgraded P-PAL is to better their working conditions and protect their health and well-being. These models have already been delivered in bulk to certain asphalt and jaggery factories.

Panjuri Labs

Ashik has registered his own company called the Panjuri Labs, three months ago. The company deals with research and development and designing and manufacturing of P-PAL Tree and other devices that enable environment sustainability. The company?s current focus is on various ideas and projects like bamboo-based air coolers, zero-cost ocean water desalination, unique water purifiers, etc.

Geniuses like Ashik SV make us realize that when you project your heart to fulfil your dreams, you?re bound to succeed. We salute Ashik for this great innovation, wish him well and hope he proceeds to create more innovations like these thereby continuing to inspire us!


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