Creating Safe and Sustainable Body Lotions From Candles! Find Out!

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Amour started the company with the belief that what one puts on their skin is just as important as what one eats. This is what has driven them to create a series of cosmetic products that are paraben free, sulphate free and cruelty free. The founders of Amour, Jinal Jain and Mahima Doshi, recognized that the present market does not cater to a lot of paraben and sulphate free products, and those that do, often overprice the products, making it infeasible for consumers to buy them.

Most generic products have parabens and sulphates in them. Parabens are incorporated in products as it prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and thereby increases the shelf life of products. However, these chemicals can also cause reactions including but not limited to skin irritation, hormonal dysfunction, early puberty and breast cancer. Similarly, sulphates are incorporated in cosmetic products because of their properties as cleaning agents. However, they too cause irritation, dryness and inflammation after prolonged use. Keeping these in mind, the founders of Amour decided to make all their products safe for use by avoiding the use of these parabens and sulphates. It is imperative to note that even their packaging is free from plastic and encapsulates the eco-friendly objective that the company is committed to.

The founders also take pride in the fact that their products are cruelty free as they are not tested on any animals. They believe that care for everyone can be ensured by being compassionate to all beings. They believe that fashion statements can be achieved without resorting to harming animals through unnecessary testing.

Amour has a unique manner of selling their products. It comes in the form of candles. The wax is allowed to melt and then the creamy wax can be applied on the skin of the consumer. This unique body lotion gets rid of dry skin instantly, leaving your skin feeling revitalized. It is designed to moisturize extremely dry skin, particularly during the harsh winters.


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