Dance! IT?S A Must In Life! Dance Teacher Encourages The Underprivileged Children To Follow Their Passions!

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A local dance teacher, Susan Cleary of the Midlands Dance Theatre Centre, is instilling a passion for ballet in a group of underprivileged schoolchildren.

School children who got dance lessons as part of the group of Slangspruit Super Troopers.

She has been providing ballet lessons to school children from Slangspruit, as part of the Slangspruit Super Troopers educational program run by Bonwa Dance Company.

Cleary offers ballet classes at Slangspruit Primary School three times a week for grade 4-7 learners. She said there are even a few boys in the dance classes.

?I have been teaching them since the beginning of this year, and am so proud of their work ethic. Working with them has been so rewarding, and I have become so fond of them,? said Cleary. ?Some of these children have huge potential; they just lack the resources,? Cleary explained, adding that it also keeps them out of mischief in the afternoons after school.


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