Don?t Run Away From Challenges. Run Over Them! Let?s Get Inspired!

We all face difficulties in life each day, and that is how we learn and grow. A challenge can either be a prison that keeps you trapped or a teacher that blesses you with a life lesson, perhaps in a touch way. But isn?t tough love the best?

However difficult the challenge in front of you might be, remember you hold the power to defeat it. Always keep in mind that ?When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.? A definite example of this is Paulami Patel Jotwani.

Back in 2001 at a family function in Hyderabad, the 12 year old Paulami Patel was struck with a current of 11,000 Volts through a live wire that she unknowingly caught hold off. At a tender age of 12 she battled for her life every second that she spent in the ICU. Paulami had sustained 75-80% burns.

?The doctors thought that it was a miracle I survived. Because in most cases, the patient dies on the spot. The current had travelled through my right hand and left through my left foot. While my right hand was severely damaged, my left foot had no skin, muscles or tissues left. I lay naked for a week in the burns ward. When the gangrene in my right hand had begun to spread, doctors were flown in from Mumbai for a second and third opinion. Within a week from the day of admission to the hospital, my right hand was amputated,? says Paulami, speaking to The Better India.

Paulami?s courage is astounding and applaud able in ways that can?t be put to words. Her greatest disparity fell weak to pull the incredible woman down in any way. She handles the family business real well and has been happily married to her college sweetheart. Nothing seems to stop Paulami from living her best life.

For every time you fall, you must either give up or get up. If you give up, you?ll be left with unfulfilled dreams and a million regrets. Rather, have the courage to get up and conquer the whole world that awaits your presence.

You hold the power to say ?THIS NOT HOW MY STORY WILL END.? If it?s not happy it?s not the ending.


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