Dr. Bindu Menon- Bringing Healthcare To The Underprivileged?Find Out!

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Dr. Bindu Menon, a Nellore based neurologist from Andhra Pradesh has revolutionized access to health care through her initiative ?Neurology on Wheels?, India?s first and only medically equipped van that provides care to neurological patients.

Dr. Menon?s project started in 2015 by visiting remote village sin Andhra Pradesh to spread awareness on issues like stroke, epilepsy and other such common neurological conditions that can be easily treated. Menon along with her team of volunteers provides health care to these patients absolutely free of cost. Today, Menon has affected the lives of hundreds of families. Starting with one village in 2015, she has now travelled across over 20 villages in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

Dr. Menon is careful to approach these patients in a sensitive and culturally appropriate manner. It is for this reason that she informs the sarpanch before she arrives and apprises him of the work she desires to do. Once, he is convinced, then a date is set and the rest of the village people are informed about her arrival as well as the work she does.

However, her philanthropic efforts aren?t just restricted to ?Neurology on Wheels?. In 2013, she opened the Dr. Bindu Menon foundation whereby she set up free check-up camps and medicine distribution center to underprivileged patients suffering with neurological ailments. In 2016, she launched the Epilepsy Help, an app that sends alerts to families of epileptic patients in the vent of sudden seizures.

The motivation behind Dr. Bindu Menon?s philantropic endevaours is because she believes that neurological ailments are often wrongly diagnosed or treated with little precaution because of the lack of awareness on its severity. Patients often self-diagnosis and stop their prescriptions based on physical parameters having improved. Further, neurological ailments like strokes are often overlooked and prejudiced by society because of the lack of information behind its cause. It is unknown to most people that simple precautionary measure like washing your hands after using the restroom can go a long way in preventing several neurological ailments caused by bacteria.


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