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EduTok- Short Videos To Educate The Masses?Find Out!

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EduTok is a social media platform created by Tik Tok that creates inspiring content around themes like education, safety, health and wellness. It has been successfully used to drive change in the lives of millions of users. Two such content creators in EduTok detail how their work has helped touched lives-


She is a motivational speaker cum life coach. She worked as a lawyer in the United States of America but soon moved to India to open ?the Orphan Project?. Through her NGO she has traveled to various slums in the district of Faridabad and has worked with underprivileged children and women to ensure that they have a higher standard of living particularly in the sphere of education. Through song and dance, she has brought awareness into their minds about sensitive issues like hygiene and sanitation as well as stranger danger. Her videos have enabled women and instilled them with the strength to speak up against acts of violence and take the courageous step of walking out of abusive relationships. This has not only changed the lives of women but has also enabled men to reform their behavior and develop better relationships with their loved ones.

Ina special series of Videos titled ?English with Geet?, she has helped people learn basic concepts like vocabulary, idioms, phrases and has enabled people to pick up the language, thereby facilitating everyday conversation in English.

In a short span of week she has garnered over one lakh followers and has created meaningful content that is available to the masses, free of cost.

Dr. Animesh Gupta

Through his Tik Tok videos, he breaks myths and tackles fake news related to medical issues. More often than not people self-diagnose on the basis of things they hear around them in society. Stigmas are created because of a sheer lack of awareness. Dr. Gupta has sought to rid the society of these shackles by bringing awareness to the masses. In addition to doing this, he also advises people about symptoms and diseases for which expert advice is necessary.