?Eye in the Sky?- Reforming Disaster Response! Let Us Know The Ways To Manage Emergencies From The Youngsters!

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A group of young students at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, have revolutionised the way we deal with disasters in our country. They observed that more often than not communication lines are destroyed during disasters, leaving people in the fray. During these critical times, it is important to keep a constant line of communication so that relief can immediately be sent to those in need.

Keeping this in mind, these young students have developed the ?Eye in the Sky? a Disaster Management and Humanitarian Aid Services programme that becomes the eyes of disaster management personnel when communication lines are destroyed. It bypasses the need for these disaster personnel to manually scan through the entire city and instead collects data through a drone to get information on people?s whereabouts. The benefit of such a programme is that it not only reduces the probability of human error but it is also a quicker mode to get help to people. The data collected through the drone enabled with artificial intelligence is without any time lapse and therefore the response to emergencies is as quick as possible. The software can detect images from over 30-40 feet above the ground and identifies the crisis faced whether it is because an individual is trapped or if there is a fire. Based on this understanding, the response team is equipped with the necessary tools to quickly help the person in need, thereby significantly reducing response time and significantly increasing the probability of saving their lives. It accounts for the number of people to be rescued as well as their geo-coordinates.

The programme is also able to detect the consciousness of individuals as it checks to see if the person is showing any movement or motion. It is able to detect people on the basis of a body part. This is particularly helpful if an individual is buried under the soil.

For this contribution to the disaster management sector, this group of students was awarded the Microsoft AI for Earth? grant which is awarded to those persons who use artificial intelligence to create a better and safer world.


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