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You had a purpose before anybody had an opinion. Remember that you were sent for a reason and you must strive to make the world a better place each day. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Help others to help yourself. Remember that ?helping someone isn?t going to change the world but it will definitely change the whole world for that one person.?

When you work hard, you yield a better harvest; you reach great heights of success. And at that peak of life you must not forget your roots. You must give back because all your resources come from your roots. Here?s the story of Shubhendu Sharma who made good money as an engineer but he decided to leave his high paying job to plant trees. An advocate for sustainability and pro-environmentalism, Sharma wanted to rival India?s high emissions by planting as many trees as possible. Using the Miyawaki method of growing ?saplings,? Sharma has successfully grown over 48 forests throughout India and developed an ?open source? platform for people to use to build their own forests. Industrial engineer Shubhendu Sharma was working at Toyota in India when he met Japanese forest expert Akira Miyawaki, who'd arrived to plant a forest at the factory, using a methodology he'd developed to make a forest grow ten times faster than normal. Fascinated, Sharma interned with Miyawaki, and grew his first successful forest on a small plot behind a house.

Today, his company Afforest promotes a standardized method for seeding dense, fast-growing, native forests in barren lands, using his car-manufacturing acumen to create a system allowing a multilayer forest of 300 trees to grow on an area as small as the parking spaces of six cars -- for less than the price of an iPhone. Afforest has helped grow forests at homes, schools and factories. Sharma saw improvement in air quality, an increase in biodiversity -- and the forests even generate fresh fruit. Afforest is at work on a platform that will offer hardware probes to analyse soil quality, allowing the company to offer step-by-step instructions for anyone who wants to grow a native forest anywhere in the world.