Hippocampus Learning Centre: Empowering Every Indian With Education

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Umesh Malhotra, an IITian and ex-Infosys, is a visionary social entrepreneur who had the aim of building libraries for children to explore the world of books. This was his promise to his son before leaving the US and moving to India.

During his journey in the complex ecosystem of education in India, he discovered that Indian education system is very lopsided. There are children from high-income groups and cities with acess to infinite services like tuition, counseling, extra-curricular, etc.but children from rural India do not have access to basic education of good quality.

Inspired to create a difference, Umesh went on to create a profit-based model around this cause that will help get funding from large investors. It is named the Hippocampus Learning Centre. A project that gives a headstart to poor children in availing basic education.

Today, 11,000 children are getting structured pre-school education in 285 schools in Karnataka and Maharashtra. These centers employ 600 full-time teachers. The company also employs 80 people in operations like training, counseling and feedback, IT and administration.

A typical fee structure can be from Rs 3,000 to Rs 7,000 a child per year since the income of these families is less than 50 to 60 thousand a year.

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