If they can, why can't we?The Green Revolution of Khopoli

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Where It Began?

Khopoli, Taluka Khalapur, District Raigad, Maharashtra State, is a discrete and serene location situated in the distant suburbs of the bustling city of Mumbai. It falls under the jurisdiction of the Raigad district of Maharashtra and is a comfortable drive away from the concrete limits of Mumbai into an interesting landscape. Back in the days Khopoli was well renowned for its rich natural diversity and blessed with scenic beauty. A major hub of the great Maratha Empire, it prospered under the post-colonial British rule where the village served as an industrial bed. Continuing forward from there, the rapid industrialization of Khopoli in the post-independence time frame led to its gradual decline in natural reserves as well as scenic beauty. The landscape, once a beautiful village dotted with greenery and trees, home to very ancient traditions and customs as well as heritage monuments, soon transitioned into a grey sky with factories, chimneys and manufacturing units replacing them. Its deterioration into a literal eye sore of sorts became visually unbearable until very recently when it underwent a green revolution of sorts to restore its dying natural beauty and to bring awareness and attention to conservation of the same for future generations to come.

Present Scenario:

Today Khopoli stands as a seamless blend of an industrial belt with ample greenery and trees planted over the past few years to balance out the industries with breathing space for life. Scores of trees planted in tactical measure transform the once grey image of this teeming industrial town into a visually appealing delight. With loads of green splashed across the canvas of the city life, Khopoli's skies are also crisp blue and do not hint any sign of pollution or decay. Infested with a thick batch of trees breathing fresh oxygen into the surroundings and absorbing the discharged smoke from the industries, today Khopoli has found new recognition as a weekend retreat to escape the madness of the paced life of the metropolis of Mumbai and retire into an undisturbed shell of peace and quiet. Situated at the foothills of the Sahaydri, Khopoli is blessed with wonderful climate and a natural backdrop of tall soaring mountains that serve as natural habitat for diverse flora and fauna. Adventure lovers can trek through these mountains through the jungle trails to reveal some natural gems, well hidden from plain sight such as panoramic view points and lakes as well as waterfalls. The place has seen quite a few resorts of various sorts mushroom over its length and stretch over the last few years to anticipate and service this building tourist influx.


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