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John Harrison: The Man Who Invented Marine Chronometer! Let?s Find Out!

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Marine Chronometer


Carpenter John Harrison invented Marine Chronometer

John Harrison, whilst working as a carpenter and watchmaker, went on to invent one of the most important devices for ships in his day - the Marine Chronometer. This device suddenly enabled ship navigators to accurately and reliably know their longitude.

John's invention was very critical for the development of long-distance seafaring that would pave the way for many historical events throughout the 19th Century.

John showed a penchant for invention at a very young age. It was said by his contemporaries that he was able to dismantle and reassemble a clock with ease.

Harrison would later combine his skills as a carpenter to make new clocks. He would begin to add extra features like the grasshopper escapement that would improve the quality of clocks in general.

Although he was very inventive, his social skills were often left wanting. He would rely heavily on George Graham and Edmond Halley, who would help finance, encourage and advocate on behalf of Harrison.

In June 1730, Harrison completed a twenty-three-page manuscript on experiments and inventions applied to clocks and outlined a timekeeper for use on ships to determine longitude. He was, of course, aware of the