Let?s Get Inspired: De-Clutter, and Focus On Mind-Cleansing!

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Cleanliness is an important aspect of our lives. Clutter makes it difficult for us to work in our day-to-lives as we spend time finding smaller things and otherwise get annoyed by all the mess. A clean house, a clean room and a clean mind, are equally important for us to function adequately. Now, it is easy to clean our homes, private rooms, offices and even roads as visible dirt is something that can be cleaned quickly. However, we also need a way to cleanse our bodies, mind and soul or give ourselves a break from the everyday world we live in. But how do we do that?


It is one of the best ways to clean up minds or rather streamlining thoughts. When you focus on thinking about absolutely nothing, with time it will help you think better. Our minds are like are rooms, often cluttered with unnecessary thoughts and feelings, most of which are hurtful. We can save ourselves by having poisonous thoughts if we just think differently. Meditation helps us with that. It?s one of the best ways you can cure yourselves from pain. And let?s face it, we all have pain.

Positive Thinking

Thinking positively is another way you can cleanse your minds and eventually your soul. How does that work. Thinking positively means being positive. If you say you are going to be late a thousand times instead of saying you will be on time, the chances of you getting late are a lot more than you being on time. Being positive does not mean losing realism or being impractical though it seems that way to a lot of people, it simply means remaining positive. The universe has its ears open. So when you allow negative thoughts to enter your brain, they will gradually make a connection and follow it through. The worst thing that happens is it makes a home in your mind and keep growing with time. So, you will possibly have negative things happening to you all the time due to that connection. Now, that is a scary thought. However, you don?t have to worry because the universe responds to positive thoughts more unanimously than negative thoughts. But you should still steer clear away from negativity.

Positive Affirmation

When you keep saying something positive, even if you don?t mean it at the time, by simply saying the words constantly it is possible that it may become the truth. You don?t believe me. Alright, have you ever heard of cancer patients who had very little scope of survival but they survived because they were mentally stronger. That?s the best example for a positive affirmation doing wonders for you. If you keep saying something constantly, eventually you may believe it, and finally it becomes the truth. Even the story behind every single successful person is the same, they were able to achieve something in life because they believed that they could. If you believe you can do something in life, the chances of you succeeding depend on how strong that belief is. Most people who succeed believe that they can. That?s the basic difference between them and the rest of the world.

Mind cleansing isn?t exactly something that can be achieved in a day or two. It?s not like cleaning your homes during Diwali. It?s a life-long process that has to happen every single day for the rest of year life, if you want to live a healthier life.


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