Let?s Get Inspired! Fortune Favours The Prepared Mind!

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We?ve all had our share of bad days, but some of us have had much more. Be grateful for the times that things get better, because for some, it?s still a luxury they?re waiting for. You must hold immense gratitude for a healthy body and a stable mind, for food on your plate and every breath that you take.

If you think life is being hard on you, here?s the story of Tapas that?ll make you think otherwise.

He cannot see the world around him but that did not deter 18-year-old Tapas Bhardwaj from chasing his dreams as he aced CBSE 12th Board exams scoring 91.4 per cent marks and topping his school where he studied with normal children.

Tapas, a student of DPS R K Puram, who has no vision in both his eyes since birth, took the exam with the help of a scribe and notched up 457 of the total 500 marks just 39 short of the all India topper M Gayatri, who secured 496.

Raised in a joint family, he got all the support he needed to overcome the challenges he faced since childhood. He studied normally for 7-8 hours using a special software that converts text to voice on his laptop, said his elder brother Nakul.

Tapas?s class 12 scorecard that reads? English Core, 95, Psychology, 90, Sociology, 95, Legal Studies, 94, Computer Science, 83?speaks volumes about his intelligence and grit to triumph against all odds. Besides, he also had Hindustani Musical Vocal as an additional subject in which he scored 92 marks.

Tapas?s positive outlook for his life is extremely heart-warming. His story doesn?t evoke the feeling of sympathy but rather of tremendous pride. It is highly inspirational and thought provoking. If today you have a healthy body and nutrients to intake, there is absolutely nothing that you should be cribbing about. Life opens the doors of success for hard workers who fuel their relentless efforts by a strong mind set and a stronger willpower.


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