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With an aim to connect with the common man in the country, Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, launched the ?Mann ki baat? initiative on November 3rd, 2014. Through this project, the Prime Minister envisaged being able to address the nation on a monthly basis through the radio, where he would be able to inform the people about the initiatives of the Government and parallelly provide an opportunity for the people to voice their concerns about the issues faced by them.

The aim of this project was to bridge the gap between the wants of the common man and the execution powers of the Government and further increase the scope of participatory governance through enlisting the support of the common man in nation building and governance. With the principle of ?Jan Bhagidari? (people?s participation) in mind, the Prime Minister has successfully created a platform through which citizens can reach out and communicate with the Prime Minister through simple means such as comments on MyGov, letters, emails and even voice messages.

Through this programme, the people have been able to bring to light prevalent issues that plague the society including the menace of drug abuse, the growing concern for road safety and the economic and health issues faced by Indian farmers on a daily basis. The programme has been able to cover a diverse range of issues across a wide demographic, whether it is a tribute to Indian soldiers on the one hand or easing the concerns and worries of students before their Board exams. The programme is truly democratic and ?people-powered? in that it knows no age, gender, religion or profession, thereby making people equal partners in the decision making process.

In one episode on January 2015, the Prime Minister even invited the erstwhile US president, Mr. Barack Obama, to jointly address the nation in a special episode of ?Mann ki baat?. This was a unique milestone in history as it was the first time these two world leaders were coming together on radio. This episode was not only eagerly awaited by the citizens of our country, but by people all over the world. It sent the message of creating a unified, peaceful society and emphasised the need for harmony among nations.

Today, nearly five years after the launch of this project, over 1.43 lakh people have been able to successfully communicate with the Prime Minister, thereby creating an effective democracy


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