Mayur Jain resolves to solve the knowledge problem of India with GoCheck App...Find Out!

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If you look at your digital struggles closely, you will realize that searching for the right information from various sources, compiling and extracting needed knowledge from these is a pain point. You will find a lot of digital garbage in your search results. This wrong, irrelevant or plagiarized content hinders our knowledge search.

The vastly affected user is the student section. The information needed for projects, external reading references, and research is largely dependant on search engines. Quality information is expensive and not easily accessible.

All this while, when our focus was on refining the search criteria, Mayur Jain was building a solution that was compiling the knowledge and simplifying the search process for us. Mayur?s application GoCheck caters to the student section. It makes available content under its platform that gives users ease of search and understanding.

Students and seekers of information can now refer to specific skill-based articles, events, and discussion threads. One can gain information on career avenues through educational courses, corresponding entrance exams, search for relevant jobs and interact with other like-minded people in the community.

How Mayur arrived at this idea?

The skill gap in India is not a favorable phenomenon for our developing economy. Mayur had a strong vision of creating a platform that gives a seamless skill development platform for knowledge seekers.

How this platform changes the education space in tech?

This application is more of a knowledge portal rather than a marketplace. This engages users and showcases enterprises. It acts as an enabler rather than commercialize.

Mayur?s hardships and struggles that are learnings for start-ups:

Finding and nurturing the right talent that can build the company?s culture, products, services, and functionalities was always a challenge. Mayur learned early on, in his journey to nurture talent by giving them space to learn and evolve their own way of work.

The most important learning was to getting your own hands dirty in all aspects of your company to get a hang of it. You cannot expect a high standard of results when you do not know how to get there yourself.

Mayur had a hard time in multi-tasking while keeping his eyes on the goals. This is a phenomenon that every founder faces and must be equipped to deal with. Self-reflection is the solution to this struggle.

Mayur?s journey will inspire us to be cognizant of market demands and dynamics while building a sustainable business model.


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