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Not Only Your Food, But Your Clothes Can Be Organic Too Now!

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Fashion is more about your comfort and everyday clothes than about trends and fashion. It?s about what you can carry well and not what everybody is crazy about at the moment. There is a clear distinction between outdoor outfits and the ?home? clothes, but when it comes to children these distinctions seem to get blurred, for they dirty clothes in the blink of an eye. The life of children mostly revolves around playing outdoors and indulging in activities (sometimes aggressive) making it mandatory for parents to buy durable kidswear which is also soft on delicate skin Akansha Bhatia, a textile designer from Mumbai is ensuring that your children get the best of cotton outfits that are trendy, durable, eco-friendly and skin-friendly! She has researched on the importance of organic cotton in the textile industry and based her label Miko Lolo on it. Children who are still developing their immunity are vulnerable to diseases. At times, something as simple as the dye on their new shirt can lead to severe conditions?itches, rashes and eczema being common examples.

Hence, It becomes extremely important to choose authentic clothing material for your kids.

She has elaborated on this by stating to The Better India, ?All our cotton material is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard and so, we can proudly claim our authenticity. I have a team of three tailors and one person for quality check working in Mumbai. Miko Lolo does not believe in fast fashion and we hand stitch shirts, skirts, pants and dresses only in limited quantities.?

She has completed a course of fashion designing from national institute of fashion technology, Mumbai, and during the period of the course realized that there is no real hope for the planet in the fast fashion industry. ?That industry has reserved its priorities for quantity and not quality. The overwhelming quantities of garments and accessories they produce are also damaging to the environment. I had realized early on that I didn?t want to pursue that field. This is why I have dedicated my efforts to make eco-friendly clothing for kids. It is all about slow, sustainable fashion,? the 23-year-old Mumbai entrepreneur tells TBI. The clothes designed by Mike Lolo are unique and environment friendly with every bit of the cloth scrap stitched into scrunches, hair bands or bibs. This ensures that the cloth doesn?t go waste. Plus, the clothes have absolutely no metal or plastic closures. Instead, if need be, they are made using ?waste? wood or coconut shells. These materials are safer for your young ones and safer for the planet and have a return policy too! What more would you want from a fashion line?


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