Phool - Saving The Ecosystem From Harm Caused Due To Religious Waste!

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Ankit Agarwal and Karan Rastogi, two college mates sitting by the Ganges and looking at the waters being polluted by the flower waste, they thought of an idea. An idea to give the dignity to waste flowers, the holy river of the Ganges as well as thousands of vernacular women in nearby villages.

Phool is the initiative that helps to remove the toxicity spread in the river due to flowers sprayed with chemicals. The flowers extracted from the river are used for creating incense sticks, bio-degradable insence cones, etc. The employed workforce is females from nearby villages who need a dependable decent job for being independent.

This enterprise was not just a social initiative, it helps three major causes that are hampering the locals. The first is the pollution of the holy river of the Ganges where the flora and fauna gets affected as the waste from temples, pujas and last rites pollute the water. The second issue that Phool tackles are the issue of unemployment and the male-dependence of rural women that stems into exploitation. The third most important cause is the production of bio-degradable and harmless eco-friendly incense products for prayers.

Ankit and Karan have successfully managed to run a profit-based social enterprise that touches our lives in a way where we grow an inch closer to sustainable living.


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