Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran: The Youngest CEOs of India

Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran

Image a 12 and a 14-year-old brother-pair standing before the crowd, addressing approximately 5,500- talking about business. Sounds a bit fictional, doesn't it? Well, it's a true story of two youngsters from India. At this tender age, while their peers are playing video games, or preparing school projects, these youngsters from Chennai are achieving what thousands of start-ups are still dreaming of. They started their own app 'GoDimensions' back in 2011 and have reached milestones during the span of six years.

The founders of the app 'GoDimensions,' Shravan Kumaran, now 16, is the president and his younger brother Sanjay Kumaran, now 15, is the CEO of the company. The idea sprouted out of their passion in coding and encouraging attitude of their father, Kumaran Surendran, who is the director of Symantec, an American security software company. The brothers launched their first app, 'Catch Me Cop,' after developing a whopping 150 test apps.

'Catch Me Cop' grabbed the attention of multiple internet users, and the result was their app displayed on World's leading tech company Apple's App Store, a grand success for the young entrepreneurs. The game became a sensation amongst youngsters as well as adults who enjoyed catching the convict.

'GoDimensions' has basically launched 7 applications that available for IOS and 3 for Android platforms. They have launched- Alphabet Board? with a 5 star rating on the app store, ETC, CarRacingHD, E15, Prayer Planet- an app for praying to the God, goDonate? a platform to share excess food, clothes, etc. You'll be stunned to know a big 70,000+ download mark in over 60 countries with an average rating of 4.5 stars.

Sit back and enjoy as more interests are yet to come! The Kumaran brothers' are way beyond. Sanjay loves to play football and is the goalkeeper for his school's football team, while Shravan loves to play cricket and keyboard. Their young mother and a former journalist, Jyothi Lakshmi, says that she got suggestions that her children's would be more productive from home rather than in school. But the brothers aim to complete their formal education and grow the company parallelly.

The two inspiring brothers were recently spotted during a TEDx talk and at an SAP event in Bangalore, where they talked about sketching a business plan. The company's recent turnover entered the crore club, and their increasing user base will see massive growth in income too.


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