Suhas Gopinath | Youngest CEO In The World | Inspirational Story

Suhas Gopinath youngest ceo in the world

The Inspirational Story of Suhas Gopinath

There are some people who, at a very young age, find the passion and courage to follow their dreams. There are times when such ventures fail but sometimes they may lead to successes like never seen before. The story of Suhas Gopinath is one such inspirational story which tells you that following your dreams is always a gamble that you can take. Not sure of Suhas Gopinath's monthly salary but approximately his net worth in 2020 is $49 Million at the age of 33 years old.

How It Began

Gopinath hails from the city of Bangalore. His father was a defence scientist and his mother a housewife. At the age of fourteen, Suhas was teased by his classmates for not owning a personal computer. This ignited a fire within Suhas who realised that he had something to prove to the world. This led to him investing his pocket money of Rs 15 per month on an internet caf


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