The Goyal Siblings: Kind, Compassionate and Caring Future of India?Let?s Find Out!

Goyal Siblings

Many a times we see that when adults are proving to be unreasonable with their unwillingness to see the other point of view, children are often required to better the situation that they have been placed in. And that, is exactly what Ten year-old Adrika and her 14 year old brother Karthik Goyal did on April 2, 2018 when a riot broke out in the Madhya Pradesh town as a result of a protest against the dilution of the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. Rioters were pelting stones at the Uttar Pradesh- Chhattisgarh Express train, and the passengers were held captive.

Adrika is a young girl who four years prior to this incident had been a victim of a severe house fire that left her legs incapacitated. Doctors providing for a bleak prospect of recovery left the child with a lack of confidence and in an air of depression, at the thought of her inability to ever walk again. .It was at this time her mother enrolled in Taekwondo classes and this led to a new resurgence of her confidence as well. On the fateful day of September 2nd 2018, Adrika and her brother Karthik, unaware that they were in fact feeding hostages that were at the risk of having stones pelted at them, provided food and water from their home as the station was merely 200 meters away from them. They had managed to aid the hostages unknowingly through a very difficult time by keeping them well-fed and hydrated.

The generation that is growing up at the moment are proving to become incredibly compassionate and kind people that look towards the other and do not hesitate to lend a helping hand to any individual that may be in need of it. From forgiveness in the face of tragedy, to aiding those that require it, children today in many instances have begun to grow up and develop a sense of society and the need to give to the less fortunate instead their needs. For their immense courage and compassion, the Goyal siblings led were awared the bravery award. The duo also has several other achievements to their name. While Adrika is a world record holder and the district brand ambassador of the ?Save Girl Child? campaign, Kartik holds a national record for being the youngest sketcher.


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