The Perfect Product For Your Budding--Artist-Toxic-Free Crayon

Create Arts With Toxic-Free Crayons

Did baby eat The Crayon? Bengaluru Duo Have The Perfect Product For Your Budding Artist

Karen and Neha Bajaj are co-founders of Dabble, a startup that produces crayons and paints which are food-grade, non-toxic and completely safe for children.

Talking to The Better India, Karen says, ?The arts have a special place in our hearts and our homes. As mothers, we wanted to introduce art early to our children. A child can draw even before they can write, and colors are a natural language for expression in children.?

Dabble?s range of crayons and paints which are made of natural ingredients, keeping your child safe while they practice the art

The idea to come up with non-toxic crayons and paints lay in the fact that Karen and Neha are mothers themselves. In an attempt to introduce their children to art, Karen and Neha had to buy expensive products from abroad.

These products are almost five times the price of Dabble?s products.

Dabble was incubated at IIM Bangalore in the Launchpad program and founded on 14 May 2018.

Karen and Neha experimented with different ingredients to develop these crayons in their kitchens!

When discussions led to the idea of Dabble, the mothers researched for six months for the right ingredients for their product and Neha?s kitchen became the laboratory where the co-founders experimented. Finally, in August 2017, the duo came up with their first set of crayons.

These crayons can not only be used as an art supply but also as a toy

They experimented with different materials. Once they knew a particular idea would work, they got in touch with a reputed team of scientists and food technologists in Mumbai who could further perfect their products.

?Our beeswax crayons come in different shapes and can be used as story-telling tools. The beeswax used is eco-certified which makes it safe for even a one-year-old child to use our products,? says Neha.

Although the duo manufactures the crayons in a facility, a large part of the process is handmade. Now, these Beeswax crayons are in the process of being patented.

The duo also came up with safe-to-use finger paints.

Dabble?s finger paints are completely safe and infused with orange oil.

All of these products contain natural ingredients like vegetable butter, coconut and soy oil, vitamin oils, food-friendly colors, and child-safe waxes. Toxic materials like paraffin and heavy metals such as cadmium, arsenic, and lead are ingredients that their products do not contain, says Karen.

Another interesting thing that stands out about Dabble?s crayons is the way the founders shaped the crayons to aid muscle development of kids between the ages of 18 months to about six years.

The unique crayon shapes help children develop the tripod grip. They are big-sized and help with easier coloring. You will find our finger-paints come in soft, squeeze bottles that kids can handle. We maintain this for every product we design.

?Parents are also really excited about the shapes, the fact that these crayons don?t break, and that they can be easily cleaned with coconut oil if they rub against each other,? says Karen.

Neha explains that they had to continually travel to the testing and product development labs in Mumbai.

Despite the challenges, the duo has sold its products to over 2000 families in a year. ?We are also developing our third product?the Fizzy tablet?that dissolves in water and children can use it as a watercolor,? says Neha in excitement.


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