The Young Mind Behind Building the ?Go Corona Tap? | Meet Krishna Soni

Krishna Soni

Coronavirus or COVID-19, which originated from China, is continuing to spread all around the world. As coronavirus cases spiked, it did not even leave India behind. The first case of the coronavirus pandemic in India was reported on the 30th of January 2020. It was during mid-march when people soon realized the importance of going into quarantine due to the spread of coronavirus and right on the 24th of March, 2020 a complete lockdown was made necessary by our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. However, as we were caught in this pandemic, we almost forgot about one of our most crucial days, March 22, which was World Water Day.

As we lock down economies to battle the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we need to understand just how critical the issue of clean, safe and accessible water is for all.

Today, the only defence against the pandemic is that we keeping washing our hands frequently 20 seconds each time. The 20 second hand wash is advised to kill the virus. This means, one would roughly make use of at least 1.5-2 litres of water per wash. Therefore, washing hands frequently would mean that we need at least between 15-20 litres of a water per person, so, a household of five people would need approximately 100 litres of water for washing their hands. The fact is that clean water remains the most important preventive health measure in the world - but can you imagine the amount of water being wasted? That?s almost terrible.

The water crisis is a health crisis too! While washing our hands, we touch the tap and leave the water to flow from the tap throughout the duration of rubbing hands with the soap, because it is extremely necessary to keep the virus away and to keep ourselves safe. 

This becomes quite a challenge. A large number of people in India and vast parts of the still-emerging world do not have access to water, forget its portability. Then, how do we get rid of the virus, while also making sure that we are not wasting water?

Well a young boy has come up with a brilliant idea to make sure that neither is one left bereft of cleaning hands, nor is water wasted.

This young boy named Krishna Soni from Dehradun has created his own version of GO CORONA gadget and named it ?Go Corona Tap? which solves the problem of controlling the running water from the taps while washing hands. The gadget requires absolutely no touch and automates the flow of water timely (5-10 seconds) which avoids water wastage. He created this gadget in his own plumbing system that too just under Rs.500.

Even after so many days of being in lockdown, while we?re still figuring out the productive things we can do to avoid boredom and waste our time, this thought of a child of building such a cost-efficient and effective technological device to fight a huge global crisis just by sitting at home is a marvel.

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