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Life is definitely uncertain. But life isn?t meant to be easy, it is meant to be lived. Sometimes happy and other times rough. But with every up and down you learn lessons that make you strong. Your miseries turn into your short come if you let them be. If you strive for the better, you can turn them into your greatest advantages. A ladder is useless to a person who doesn?t know you can climb out of the pit with its help. Work hard on your strengths and harder on your weaknesses.

A soul steering example of iron strong determination and an ocean of willpower is the story of Kiran Kanojia.

Kiran Kanojia (born 25 December 1986) is an Indian para-athlete, now widely known as THE INDIAN BLADE-RUNNER.

Kanojia belonged to a poor household in Faridabad. She excelled at academics and soon she was working at Infosys in Hyderabad as a test engineer. While returning from her 25th birthday celebration with her parents, she was pushed off a train by robbers trying to steal her bag, and her left leg was crushed leading to its amputation.

Six months after the incident, she returned to Hyderabad and enrolled herself in the Dakshin Rehabilitation Centre (DRC) to regain control of her life. It was here that she tried on a prosthetic leg. In 2014, Kanojia attempted the Hyderabad Airtel Marathon and won her first medal.

The tables completely flipped for Kiran and nothing could stop her from series of successes then. She went on to win numerous trophies and awards and gained immense love and recognition in the country. After Kiran won a medal at the Hyderabad Airtel Marathon, she went on to winning the Women Transforming India Award 2017, organized by United Nations and NITI Aayog. Kiran was also selected as one of 12 "sporting superheroes" who featured in a calendar published in 2017 by Mission Smile.

Kiran sets an extraordinary champion who?s not only led herself to a bright future through intense determination, but has also made the country proud. We dove our hats off to her strong willpower and positivity.


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