A day in the life of Doctor of Preventive Medicine ? Dr. Milind Khedkar

A day in the life of Doctor of Preventive Medicine ? Dr. Milind Khedkar

Not all doctors see patients on a daily basis or carry out surgeries in operation theatres. Preventive Medicine is one such section in the medical field, mostly practiced at government and in municipal hospitals, that concentrates on prevention and control of outbreaks and epidemics. Given COVID-19 as one such prime example of pandemic, there are other recurring and seasonal outbreaks such as Swine flu, Dengue, Malaria which are being constantly monitored and remedied by the government.

Dr. Milind Khedkar, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), who has been at the forefront of the measures to control the prevalent pandemic issues, speaks with JustLearning about his inspiration and aspirations of life.

Q. Why did you choose to be a doctor and where did you study?

A. After finishing higher secondary in the Science stream, I pursued my MBBS at Vasantrao Pawar Medical College, Nashik for four and half years. Following which I completed the mandatory internship at Civil Hospital in Ahmednagar for a year. I then specialised in Preventive Medicine by acquiring my post-graduation diploma DPH (Diploma of Preventive Health) from Kamla Nehru Hospital, Pune. As a teenager, I was hospitalised for meningitis ? which then inspired me to become a doctor!

Q. Why did you choose this field? What is the scope of growth?

A. I chose this field as I wanted to work at Government level, for social service and betterment of the society. The scope for public service is wide and limitless, all the way upto WHO.

Q. What is the normal work day like?

A. A typical work day for me is filled with site visits to affected locations and government hospitals, sanitary inspections for fogging and insecticide spraying; as well as office based such as finding best solutions for hospitals, sourcing health aids and a lot of meetings. Even after duty hours, I am always available to help people over the phone.

Q. How do you maintain work-life balance ?

A. I make it a point to exercise for an hour every day. I am a sports lover and practice cricket, badminton, swimming, cycling and running. I have finished the 42-kms run of Mumbai Marathon five times. My advice to aspiring doctors is to be in the present ? which is the key to quality time for self, family and friends.


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