Talent Thursday: Beatboxing

What if there?s a way to make music with your body? What if you don?t need to invest in any expensive instruments? If this thought has caught your interest, then look no further. Beatboxing or b-boxing is a way of producing music such that vocal cords mimic various instruments and sound effects.

?It?s something free that you always have with you - you can beatbox while walking, doing dishes, or anywhere you don?t need to be quiet.  I can?t remember the last time I didn?t beatbox for a whole day.?

                                                                                             - Joe Walker, The Gateshead beatboxer

Origin of Beatboxing

This conventional style of beatboxing originated in New York, and beatboxers would perform along with singers. With passing time, beatboxing created its place and was seen as a form of expression. Recently, it has evolved and developed into the new form of beatboxing.

10 BeatBoxing Techniques

1. Tennis Pop ? Sounds like a tennis shot and is made when the lower lip slaps against the upper teeth.

2. Teeth Lip Roll ? This sound is created by biting the lower lip and alternatively rolling the lip to create a vibration.

3. Clop & Hollow Clop ? When your tongue hits the bottom of the mouth, this sound is created.

4. Polyphonic Overtone Singing ? Two different sounds are created with the throat, lungs and mouth, is also known as throat singing.

5. Tooth Whistle ? This is a high pitch screeching sound.

6. Bronix / Zeqoh Zwii ? Bronix and Zeqoh have popularised this multilayered, squeaky and fat sound.

7. Laser ? This ?pew? sound is flexibly used along with a chest bass or throat bass.

8. Inward Bass ? This inward sound is a powerful chest bass.

9. Beat Rhino Snare ? Create this sound with the diaphragm with a powerful push and out through the particular lip area.

10. Common Whistle ? Through the circular gap in your lips breathe in the air just like a daily whistle sound.

Breathing Technique

The way you breathe during beatboxing creates various sounds. The movement of saliva in the mouth is another crucial factor that is looked at while producing these sounds. As every individual has a different lung capacity and physique, the same sound produced by other individuals may vary.

The sound of beatboxing is catchy enough to draw listeners. However, if you need more than just the sound effects to draw you towards it, here are the benefits you gain by beatboxing:

1. Would you like to develop your sense of rhythm? Then Beatbox!

Different patterns of rhythms are created in beatboxing. These vary from simple sounds to complex sequences. As an aspiring musician, a heightened sense of rhythm is essential.

2. Would you like to develop your listening skills? Then Beatbox!

With regular practice of listening and creating the sounds, you understand which sounds work together and which don?t?. Initially, you may start practising standard patterns and then move to create your style.

3. Would you like to strengthen your vocal cords? Then Beatbox!

Contrary to the misconception that beatboxing can harm your vocal cords, beatboxing will strengthen your vocal cords if learnt under the right guidance. The right amount of release and pressure will help you to push your limits gradually. Many people have started speaking clearly as a result of beatboxing.

4. Would you like to have lungs of steel? Then Beatbox!

Your lungs, throat, mouth and diaphragm need to be trained to breathe in and breathe out air. Proper breathing techniques can even help to de-stress.

5. Would you like to create your niche? Then Beatbox!

Music is versatile, and beatboxing is empowering. ?All you need is you? literally and a whole lot of practice. You can create music, patterns and even communicate through powerful techniques.

Once you?ve learned this versatile skill, organise a performance in front of an audience to build on your confidence. Build on your skill, record and share your gift with Just Learning, and we?ll share it on our website.


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