A Day in the life of: ?Veterinary Doctor?

Dr. Vikas Shivagunde, Veterinary Doctor, Veterinary Dispensary Nijampur, Mangaon

In a free-wheel chat with JustLearning, Dr. Vikas Shivagunde, a Veterinary Doctor from Veterinary Dispensary Nijampur, Mangaon in Raigad District speaks about his childhood inspiration, qualities required to become a good Veterinary Doctor, and also shares his daily life routine.

Q. How did you choose this profession and where did you study?

A. I grew up in a small village where basic education and school facilities or educational guidance were not easily available. To such an extent that on days when the river overflowed in our village, we could not even reach school.

Our family had few cows and there were frequent visits by the Veterinary Doctors to attend them. As a child, I used to carefully observe the practices of the Veterinary Doctor during all his visits, and this inspired me to become a Veterinary Doctor.

After passing out 12th standard, I completed a 2-year Diploma in Animal Husbandry at Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Dapoli, and from thereon, my professional journey started.

Q. What are the qualities required for this profession? What is your advice to the upcoming younger generation?

A. The most important quality for a Veterinary Doctor is to have genuine love for animals, along with the understanding that they do not speak like humans. Also, there needs to be willingness to be available for emergencies - 24 hours a day! The field of Animal Husbandry, in particular, caters to farmers? community and this kind of role is mostly in villages or rural areas.

My advice to the new generation of doctors is to persist in achieving your goals, no matter what!

Q. What is a normal work day like?

A. I see my ?patients? at the clinic and do field visits as well. My scope of work includes advising farmers on livestock rearing, breeding techniques, nutrition, disease prevention, prescriptions, helping cattle to give birth safely and more!

Q. How do you balance work and family life?

A. Due to the flexible and ever demanding nature of my work, I sometimes miss the family functions. But I ensure to balance my time between family and work.


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